The Journey of Algiz

Algiz, the Architect of Life, formed by the force of the Creator of Universe, as one of the seven powerful Architects. Just like the rest of his brothers, he was send into the depths of a lifeless Universe. His mission was clear. Make a planet overflow with life, energy and beauty…but that is enough for […]

How the story of Echoed World continues… (so far)

As you may already know, it all started in November 2016 during the Skill Drill program. Month after month we’ve been spending our Sundays in the work space of Pixel Federation, learning, working hard, presenting, getting feedback from amazing mentors and professionals, who led us forward and beyond. However, Skill Drill ended in June during […]

How the story began? The forming of our team!

Let’s say, that you would like to make your first videogame. Where would you start? Maybe a great idea? Interesting art piece? Engaging story? It would probably not be by sending an application (thinking harder… it probably would… damn!). That is, however, how most of us started on the project. Every individual applied to a programme called Skill […]

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