How the story began? The forming of our team!

Let’s say, that you would like to make your first videogame. Where would you start? Maybe a great idea? Interesting art piece? Engaging story? It would probably not be by sending an application (thinking harder… it probably would… damn!). That is, however, how most of us started on the project. Every individual applied to a programme called Skill Drill, which was run by a local game dev studio Pixel Federation. Everyone sent their resume and hoped for the best.

A long while passed, and the chosen ones received an invitation. Invitation for the first big gathering. Nobody knew what exactly to expect. Sitting in a hall around a huge round table, stirring with anticipation. Everyone had a while, to introduce themselves and their work up to that point. Graphic designers, programmers, sound composers, marketers, allrounders, every position that was necessary to make a game was represented in this mass of people. Some with experience, some still students. Some from near and some from far (but considering the size of our country, calling it „far“ may be a stretch). Two dozens of people, one simple goal. Make a game!

There were too many people to be assigned to a single project, and so three teams were formed. How? Randomly of course! Well, not entirely. Teams were pre-made, to contain at least one person from each required field of work. However, people did not know each other beforehand. They were thrown into their respective teams. Getting to know each other may have been harder for some, but at the end, most of us made it safe and sound.  We are one of them.

We are Team DOTS!

The rest of the people formed Grass Club and ZZZ… CROSS PROMOTION! YAY!

While other teams were mostly loosing members, we were expanding! Team DOTS recruited almost half of its current staff during the creative process, me included. It’s nice to have friends in the right places 😉

And the right place to stay in touch with us is right on our Facebook and Twitter! We are open to feedback, suggestions, or just a friendly chat! Hit us up, and if we won’t be splatting bugs in Unity, we will get back to you ASAP!

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