How the story of Echoed World continues… (so far)

As you may already know, it all started in November 2016 during the Skill Drill program. Month after month we’ve been spending our Sundays in the work space of Pixel Federation, learning, working hard, presenting, getting feedback from amazing mentors and professionals, who led us forward and beyond. However, Skill Drill ended in June during a 2 day hackathon, where we managed to make a great playable prototype. But what now? Echoed World was far, far, far (really far, far, far) from a state of a fully playable demo (or from something that could be called a demo… no, seriously.. It looked completely different than now).


Luckily, another great opportunity appeared. The Summer Game Dev 2017, organised by Edufactory by Pixel Federation, Slovak Design Center and by the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics of the Comenius University in Bratislava. Apart from our team continuing, the other two teams from Skill Drill decided to continue as well.


And so the 1st July came, and we all met again in the coworking space of Impact HUB, ready to grab our chance and work hard for the next 5 weeks. The goal was clear, make at least 10 min of gameplay and a vertical slice of the game, with everything a good game is supposed to have. Every day we’ve met, worked hard, iterated, reported during daily stand ups, worked more and more and listened to the feedback from our amazing mentors from Bohemia Interactive. Every week we had to present our progress during progress reports, all leading to the final day, the closing ceremony.


After countless hours of work, hundreds of new assets drawn, thousands of codes written and dozens (and dozens..) of bugs fixed we were ready for the final presentation and public playtesting. The final hour has come. 6PM, August the 5th 2017, presentation ready, final demo, consisting of a cinematic intro and 4 levels of gameplay, installed on a couple of PCs and Impact HUB started to fill with people, all ready to play our games and decide, which of the three games is the best.


Well, unfortunately, it wasn’t Echoed World.. (i know….unbelievable, right?) But you know what? This didn’t make us lose the motivation, it did the exact opposite. We listened to the people, listened to their feedback, positive ones and negative too and it made us even more motivated than before. We know what to do now, to make Echoed World an amazing game and a student project we will be proud of.  We will keep working hard, so that we create something people will enjoy and love, just like we do.

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