The Journey of Algiz

Algiz, the Architect of Life, formed by the force of the Creator of Universe, as one of the seven powerful Architects. Just like the rest of his brothers, he was send into the depths of a lifeless Universe. His mission was clear. Make a planet overflow with life, energy and beauty…but that is enough for now. No more spoilers. This blog post won’t be about his backstory. This blog post will be about the visual evolution of our main hero Algiz.

Every story based game needs an amazing main character. But it is not that easy to make one. Especially in a newly formed team full of absolute beginners and without an art director. And that is exactly, how it all started. Every artist determined to be the best one, created their own interpretations of Algiz. These are just a couple of them, clearly showing the diversity of styles in each artist.  

After literally dozens of concepts from every artist, we finally decided who should be the lead character artist. But this was just the first step forward. The more he drew, more and more questions appeared regarding Algiz’s personality and his overall feeling. Do we want him to be cute? Or majestic and powerful? What colors should he have? What silhouette? And so on….

After another wave of concepts and some feedback later, we finally knew what is our biggest problem with all the concepts (at least we thought so). To sum up it up, Dano, the lead character artist, had a new guide to follow. SIMPLIFY and SIMPLIFY. Well, that is easier said than done.

Luckily, Dano managed to do so, and kept drawing and refining (and drawing and refining…).

At last, after another giant series of designs later, we finally had it. The final design was ready to be transferred from 2D to 3D and bring him to life.

This was the journey about the evolution of Algiz, the Architect of Life and the main hero of Echoed World.

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